"Breaking Dawn" Threepeats Over Weak Frame


The usual post-Thanksgiving blues set in this weekend, as ticket sales got sliced in half. With no new wide releases, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 easily remained on top. Holdovers had mixed declines, which are good considering most movies drop 55% or more this frame. However, it was the second lowest grossing weekend of the year

Despite another big drop, Breaking Dawn Part 1 easily led the first weekend of December. Summit’s vampire smash fell 60% to $16.5M and upped its 17-day tally to a massive $246.9M. Although the film is still trailing New Moon by 3%, its third weekend fall was smaller than New Moon’s 64% drop from two years ago. It was the series’ best third weekend gross, and it allowed Breaking Dawn to join The Help as the only 2011 movies to spend three weeks on top. A domestic final of $290M is still likely, while the global gross has ballooned to a jaw-dropping $514.9M in less than three weeks.

Staying put in second, The Muppets plummeted a troubling 62% to $11M. Even with great buzz from both critics and moviegoers, Disney’s $45M musical-comedy posted the largest drop in the top ten. Kermit and Miss Piggy have grossed a solid $56.3M in 12 days, and, if declines stabilize in December, could finish over the $100M mark.

Climbing two spots to third, Hugo fell just 33% to $7.5M. Aided by Paramount’s addition of 563 theaters, Martin Scorsese’s adventure posted the smallest drop in the top ten. The $150M-film has grossed $25M in 12 days and was declared Best Picture by National Board of Review. If declines stay low and if Golden Globe nominations come next week, a final of at least $60M seems likely.

With the Christmas season officially commenced, Arthur Christmas fell only 39% to $7.4M. Sony’s holiday toon has earned $25.3M in 12 days and should continue to see slim declines throughout December. The final gross could easily reach $65M before vanishing on January 1.

Happy Feet Two was continued to disappoint, tumbling 56% to $5.9M. In 17 days, Warner Bros.’ pricey toon sequel has grossed a weak $51.7M, or less than half the $121.5M that Happy Feet had at the same time in 2006. The penguin flick has been a major misfire for Warner Bros. and has zero chance of reaching $100M domestically.

In sixth, Sony’s Jack and Jill capitalized on its holiday theme, and fell just 46% to $5.3M and a $64.1M tally.

Fox Searchlight added 184 theaters to The Descendants and slipped only 35% to $4.7M, pushing the total to $17.6M. Winner of the National Board of Review’s Best Actor and a lock for Golden Globe nods, the dramedy will continue to expand throughout December.

Three late-fall films rounded out the top ten. Immortals got axed 50% to $4.4M, giving Relativity $75.6M to date. Universal’s Tower Heist fell 45% to $3.9M and a $70.5M total. Puss in Boots plummeted 59% to $3M, pushing Paramount’s total to $139.5M.

The limited release scene remained very active. Fox Searchlight’s sex drama Shame opened to a scorching $361,000 from just ten theaters. Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender star in the NC-17 film which drew good marks from critics.

Among holdovers, The Weinstein Company saw My Week with Marilyn fall 35% to $1.1M, and a 3% jump for The Artist to $211,265. Sony Classics’ A Dangerous Method fell 29% to $119,574. Totals for three award hopefuls stand at $3.8M, $501,624 and $412,937.

The top ten was down 6% from 2010 and down 18% from 2009.

Opening next weekend: New Year's Eve and The Sitter.

"Breaking Dawn" Threepeats Over Weak Frame


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