Google Goes OpenSource for OS


Google NY Offices
76 9th Ave.
New York, NY
United States

Yesterday Google announced it's very own operating source. It is billed as a "an open source, lightweight operating system" on the Google blog. Later, this year it will be open to developers. It will be designed for netbooks and by 2010 you should be able to buy your very own netbook with Google Chrome.

I am very excited to learn about this. By making an open source OS you are opening up to the world. You will have more people working on the project and you will get a better computer. This is clearly what Google believes and they want users to help them.

Google Chrome is a windowing system that will work on top of a Linux kernel. It allows all web-based applications to work automatically. In addition developers can use web-based technologies to create new apps. This is really an OS for people who spend most of their time on the web which more and more of us are doing. I feel this will real bring the idea of open source to the general public. Another project that has tried to do this is MIT's One Lap Top per Child. I love this project for the same reason I like Google Chrome. Both deeply believe, people should be allowed to design applications that fit their lives and their needs. People will collaborate and create. And as Google hopes be happier internet users.

Google has listed some FAQ's on the new Google Chrome Blog.


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