Green Men Invade Vancouver c/o


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So there are these two guys in Vancouver known as "Sully" and "The Force" who dress in bright green full-body suits. They call themselves the Vancouver Green Guys. Pretty funny, right? Oh yeah, and then they get tickets to Canucks games so as to sit right next to the opponent's penalty box and harass whoever gets penalized. Now THAT is hilarious. Apparently, this has been going on since the season began and was inspired by the hilarious TV show, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". I didn't learn of it until last night's playoff game between the Vancouver Canucks and Los Angeles Kings (phenomenal game, by the way). When Jack Johnson of the LA Kings (not the easy-going singer/songwriter/stoner) was penalized for delay of game, there they were - the Vancouver Green Guys. I immediately paused the TV, grabbed my little pocket camcorder, rewound, replayed and snagged the following video (gotta love the hand-stand):

Green Men Invade Vancouver c/o


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That is amazing.  I can't

That is amazing.  I can't believe they are real!  We should get those guys in the senate next to the Republicans.