Jeremy Rotsztain: Art meets Action


Tisch School of the Arts
721 Broadway
New York, NY
United States

Ever wonder how Jean Claude Van Damme would look splattered against a wall? Well, Jeremy Rotsztain's summer series Action Painting, recently featured onCreate Digital Motion shows just that. Using custom software developed in C++ and openFrameworks, Action Painting generates abstract images after analyzing video footage from action movies. The software with computer vision is sampling the changed pixels in each frame of video and then re-arranging them to create a series of abstract images.
Each image can be viewed individually as a print but its much better to get in on the action and watch the series in real time.
For more Action Painting (Masculine Expressionism) check out the flicker feed:

Jeremy Rotsztain is currently Brooklyn based Canadian new media artist. He has shown work in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, New York, and Berlin. He also recently graduted from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program

Jeremy Rotsztain: Art meets Action


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