Leo Dicaprio's "This is Our Moment"


20th street and 5th avenue
New York, NY
United States

Leo Dicaprio is at it again.  He's trying to save the world.  But he can't do it alone.  So he's using his star power to garner excitement for this important cause: climate change.  He has made a new film called This is Our Moment, which is a call to action.  He talks about green energy created by green jobs, an economy independent of oil from the Middle East, and a sense of urgency.  This is not about saving polar bears, it's about saving the people in Bangladesh, saving Manhattan, and saving basically any city that is near the water, which are many.  This is a human rights issue because it is always the poorest people who feel the burn of global warming first and the worst, because they don't have the means to protect themselves, nor to rebuild after a natural disaster. 

Barack Obama poked fun at the non-believers in his State of the Union speech, calling the evidence "overwhelming."  He is no dummy.  We need to change the way we do things, and change the way we treat this world, or there won't be much of a world left to leave to our children.  Watch this video and send an email to your senators just by clicking on the video when prompted.  It's a small step but it will make you feel better.

Check out this great article on Hungry Hyaena in support of the video and this important cause.


Leo Dicaprio's "This is Our Moment"


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