Fix your Broken Art and other Art things on Sunday


Jefferson Orgy Body
237 Jefferson St.
Brooklyn, NY
United States

One of my favorite weekend pastimes entails finding an intersting Open Studios to peruse new artists and their art.  I like to visit the artists in their studios for many reasons.  I like to see the stuff, I like to see the space, I like to see the work ethic.  usually the artist is there and I haven't seen their work before.  It's easier to befriend this artist than at an opening in a gallery.

Also it's a great reason to get into a new part of town and to check out all the other wanderers.  An ultimate people-watching treat.  It's easy to do alone or with a partner.

This coming weekend, BETA  is a one-day event in Bushwick invited visitors to really explore a lot of what it means to make and experience art.  It's like an open studios for artists, like a thesis of an open studios.  It seems like most of it is interactive and experience-centered.

Does it seem as much to you as it does to me that all the cutting-edge art these days has to be moment-in-time Experienced?

I've tagged this post on the map at #28.  This event looks totally different from anything I've ever seen/participated with before, "Please come on Sunday November 14 with an open spirit, broken art and maybe a beer. This will not be a critique session of your work, it will be an active insightful journey using specialized repair technology and possible self-help."

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Fix your Broken Art and other Art things on Sunday